Production Process

A wax injection machine is used to create a wax ring from a rubber mold ready for casting:

wax injection machine

A wax ring extracted from a rubber mold:

wax ring extracted

The remnants of the sprue are being smoothed off a ring using an abrasive wheel:

ring sprue

A ring's shank is being cut with a Jeweller's saw to change the size of the ring:

changing ring size

A ring's size is checked on the jewellers size stick:

ring size checked

A dovetail joint is created to secure the extra piece of gold to enlarge the ring to the correct size:

increase ring size

A flame is used to melt the gold solder:

The inside of the ring is being polished on the polishing machine:

polish ring

Stones being matched and selected before setting:

stones being selected

An Emerald is being set into a white gold ring:

emerald being set

Rings about to be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner at 80 degrees celcius:

ultrasonic cleaning